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Studio Tan


You gotta love when artists and record labels fight! Here are three “contractural” releases by Zappa, which in a sense are all one set of records. No information about the source or personnel when they were released by Warner Brothers (I’ve heard that Frank refused to give any details) they more or less came out as the 4 LP set “Lather.” Here’s more information:

Zappa In New York (the two-CD version) has the most material not found on Lather. Definitely worth getting.
Sleep Dirt has a fair amount of overlap with Lather, but the great title song is not on Lather, and it has longer edits of Filthy Habits and The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution. Yes, the CD has vocal versions of two songs heard as instrumentals on Lather (three including the CD bonus tracks), although most prefer the instrumentals.
Orchestral Favorites has two songs not on Lather (Strictly Genteel and Bogus Pomp).
All of Studio Tan is on Lather, with only a few minor mix/edit differences.
The only Sheik Yerbouti-Lather connection is that Lather has earlier versions of two songs, and some of the same dialogue/sound effect interludes.
All of our records are professionally cleaned using the Ultrasonic V-8 record cleaning system. After the cleaning process, they are dried using filtered air. Then each record is put into a new white inner sleeve and put back into the sleeve, along side the original sleeve (if it exists.) It all goes into a new plastic outer sleeve.

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    Frank Zappa – Studio Tan, Sleep Dirt, Orchestral Favorites