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Frank Zappa – You Are What You Is “Clean Cuts” edition


From the album cover:

Dear Radio Station Programmer or Disc Jockey or whatever:
Here is the “clean cuts” version of the “You Are What You Is” album. These selections have been specially prepared so that they have a beginning and an end, with nice wide spaces in between them so that you can find them easily on the disc. (This is not possible on the commercial release of this album since the songs all segue together). As you might expect, none of the songs contain any language that could endanger your license or impinge on your life-style, and all of the selections included herein represent the most musically accessible specimens from the album. Yours truly, Frank Zappa

Our records are cleaned using the Ultrasonic V-8 cleaning system. We include new inner and outer sleeves, and if there’s an original inner sleeve, you’ll receive that too.

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    Frank Zappa – You Are What You Is “Clean Cuts” edition